Kid’s Fashion: Kieran’s Signature Style

When it comes to dressing my mini, I follow the same basic principles that I do for myself. I tend to go for pieces that are quality made, stylish and comfortable – with a little more emphasis on comfort for him! I do follow some trends, but by and large I opt for the classics. I have so much fun dressing Kieran- it’s refreshing to dress someone who has absolutely no body concerns!
For Kieran’s fall/winter style I wanted to continue with the basic style he had developed over the summer but add in some new textures and colors that are season appropriate. Some of my favorite stores to shop in for Kieran are:

Baby Gap/Gap Kids – I find the quality of the clothes to be amazing and at a price point that is reasonable
Target the selection is endless and always on trend! The quality is not as great but for play clothes or trendy clothes it is workable
Old Navy – I don’t always find the best selection here but what I do find and purchase is always cute and comfortable!
Instagram shops- Some of my favorites are Little Urban Apparel, Born Savage and Young One Apparel. All of these shops are super trendy and the best part is you support small businesses when you purchase through them!

Some staples in Kieran’s closet include:
Skinny Jeans/Pants in various colors – right now we have army green (Baby Gap), rust (Target) black (Target) and a few pairs of blue jeans. Most days of the week I dress him in one of these pairs. You just can’t go wrong with these and the Target styles have a bonus elastic waistband! Oh how I wish all my jeans had the same….

Plain tee shirts – for these I usually go to Target or Gap. I love the way a crisp white tee looks on Kieran – right until he smears his peanut butter and jelly all over it- but hey, that goes with the territory. I buy staple colors of white, grey and black. I like to keep his look pretty streamlined adding a pop of color with accessories.

Character and graphic tees are a definite NO as far as I am concerned. It’s fine to watch “Cars” and “Paw Patrol” but we don’t need to parade them around on your clothing.

Pullover sweaters – I love pullover sweaters for kids during the cooler months. I don’t know about other moms, but my kid seems to run hot all the time so these are perfect with a short sleeve underneath! My favorites so far this year are from Baby Gap – I love a good fair isle or cable knit sweater. A few quality made sweaters will last you all winter long – I tend to be more adventurous with colors of sweaters too.

Accessories –I love to use accessories to pull off a certain look – and most that I use are functional, as well. Kieran wears a hat almost every day. I just love how he looks with a flat brim, five-panel hat or an oversized beanie on -plus during the summer months hats are crucial for my fair-skinned kiddo.

I am also fan of bandanas – these have become a huge fashion trend for women this fall and I have a few myself. But for a child, atleast in my case, it can also serve as a stylish bib to catch those inevitable yogurt and spaghetti sauce drips. To style these I simply make a triangle and tie is (loosely) around the back of his neck.

A more recent accessory I have been using are suspenders. Seriously, is there anything cuter than a little boy (or girl!) with suspenders on?! These I picked up for Kieran to wear during our wedding, but I have been using them since with a few pairs of jeans and pants that are too big in the waist. I love the way these add a little spunk to an otherwise simple outfit.

As the weather in Massachusetts continues to get colder I will definitely be updating his wardrobe with new seasonal items. It seems my little babe has outgrown everything he wore last winter! *Sigh* It’s just too bad I hate shopping 😉

Check out a few of Kieran’s latest looks below! And for my most recent pictures and outfits be sure to Check out my Instagram and follow me!

Thanks for reading!

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