Motherhood Musings

    Hi guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday. I almost didn’t get to this post today; between errands, house hunting and one very busy toddler I had a pretty nonstop day. Now my little darling is sound asleep, and I finally have a quiet moment. I never really appreciated time like this until I became a mom. Now I look forward to it like the sound of the ice cream truck coming on a hot summer day.

     My little guy decided to “skip” his nap today. He actually used that exact word at nap time only to tell me hours later after multiple breakdowns – and I mean serious, throw yourself on the floor breakdowns – that he wants to “take a nappy.” Go figure. Trying to run errands with a toddler is like mission impossible. As a seasoned mom, I typically know my limits and timeline for being out with Kieran. Today however, I wanted to squeeze in one last errand to CVS (a black hole inferior only to the vortex that is Target), and Kieran had a horrific meltdown in the checkout line grabbing 4 bags of sour skittles in his tiny fists and avoiding my grasp as I tried to pay for our actual purchases. All the while, the entirely too sweet cashier smiled and tried to calmly offer advice and bargain with my toddler. Well, my kid isn’t quite rational yet. He left in tears; I was close to them. Needless to say, we had a rough afternoon and I had some not so proud mommy moments.For all the times I have been warned about the “terrible twos,” I don’t think I truly experienced them until today. And I’ve heard three is worse….

But enough of the negative. Just needed to get that little bit out of my system! I wanted to share a few snaps from this weekend. Here in Mass it was a cold one! We definitely weren’t prepared for that, but it didn’t keep us inside! Luckily, Kieran’s winter coat had come in the mail last week, and we definitely needed it over the weekend. I love the camel color and the toggles. The coat is also made of a wool blend, so I know it will be nice and cozy when the weather really starts to cool down. We had such a blast making leaf piles and taking turns jumping in them. The light in Kieran’s eyes each time he dove into the leaves was enough to melt my heart. I just love seeing that pure excitement and joy for something so simple. His innocence and enthusiasm for the world around him is so beautiful, and I never want him to lose it. I think at times as parents we can get so caught up in our duties and roles as teachers to our children that we forget to let them teach us. I know I am guilty of this, and as of late I have been trying to remember get down on Kieran’s level and really experience things with him; most of the time all it takes is something as simple as a pile of leaves.









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