Peach Dress for Spring

Welcome back and say hello to my current favorite transitional dress! This beauty is the perfect peach color, material, length and everything else for the winter/spring/summer transition we are in the middle of. I say winter, because although it’s nearly May, here in Massachusetts we can have four seasons in one week, if not one day!


I snagged this dress last month at Anthropologie and have been dying for more reasons to wear it. I realize this post is coming a few weeks after Coachella, but there is no reason you can’t continue dressing like a haute hippie right on through the spring.


Off shoulder is huge again this season. At one point, I thought it was just another trend, but it seems to be quickly becoming a classic. No complaints here!



I just love how easy a dress is for spring and summer. I can easily see myself wearing this from anything to a casual brunch, to a baby or bridal shower or a graduation party. It’s very versatile, and the subtle crochet detail and drop waist add interest. It’s a very non basic, but still effortless dress, and I love it!

I paired it with some open toe booties, as it was still a little damp on this particular day. However, this dress would look great with a pair of chunky espadrille sandals, or a lace up sandal for the summer!  As always, thank you for reading and for the support! Until next time ~Emily   All photography by Jeff Turner of Black Thumb Studio