DIY Succulent Centerpiece

Hey friends! In keeping trend with my love for all things DIY, green and bohemian inspired, I am back today with another tutorial. I have been wayyyy in to succulents these past few months. Never a huge lover of flowers in my home – too finicky and they always die so quickly – I fell in love with the succulents trend that has been emerging over the past year or so. I swear if these were big when I got married they would have been in my centerpieces, bouquet, you name it!

If you are into natural, unfussy decor, but still want to breathe some life into your home – try succulents! I am obsessed with the muted tones and all of the different varieties you can find. These desert thrivers are very low maintenance, can withstand high, dry heat and need little water. That makes them the perfect plant type for any chronic plant killer like myself! They also fit in really well with my simple, modern decor style.

So without further ado, if you would like to check out my DIY succulent centerpiece and maybe even attempt one of your own, just keep on scrolling!

I chose to plant my centerpiece in a beautiful silver bowl that usually sits on my table. I added rocks to the bottom for drainage, some top soil, and then started planting!

The star of the show – aloe vera! Perfect for the summer!


And that’s the final result! I hope you enjoyed!