What We Wore: Mixed Prints

 A few weeks back Kieran and I wore these looks for a casual day. Early fall weather can be challenging to dress for; it’s cool in the morning and back up into the 70s by noon time. That’s where layering comes in, and these two looks are perfect examples. Both of these outfits have yet another common factor – mixed prints. I love to mix prints to add interest to any look. For this look I chose a floral printed tunic from Forever 21 with a cream striped poncho on top. Pairing it with a light pair of denim keeps the whole look light and fresh for the fall transition. I love to wear my lighter denim throughout the year, because it gives any outfit a casual and relaxed vibe. Kieran’s look is layered a little differently. Since I do not buy the same quantity of clothes for him as I do myself, I am even more challenged to create unique looks for him. Instead of the typical sweatshirt over the shirt, I layered a flannel on top this time. I love how playful and comfortable the look is – just how little boys should be! The prints on the sweatshirt and flannel are very different, yet they work together well. Each outfit, although incorporating different patterns and prints, feel cohesive. I hope these looks inspire some of you to experiment with layering prints together! I would love to see what you come up with!

151006EM_5013   151006EM_5010





                                                                                                                        Photos by Jeff Turner @ Black Thumb Studio


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